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When you put your mind to it, anything is possible.

In case anyone wonders why I forget a lot... when I'm stressed I'm forgetful. Something domestic stressed me out. Mum was sawing and going DIY mad. She does this occasionally, despite being fair at DIY at best. This results in lots of shouting from her when she bodges up. So to get away from the screaming and the messing-up, I took Monkey Ball 2 down to the shop to show Asti and the manager, seeing she works on a Saturday there. Except, I took the memory card out of the Gamecube, opened the Monkey Ball case, put the memory card in and never realised the disc wasn't in the case. And was still in the Gamecube, yes, you were several steps ahead of me there. Well done, have a cookie.

And then when I went to leave the store the second time (one of my friends had to drive into the area, so why not go visit again - with the game this time, ahem) after showing off the game, I felt I heard something and dismissed it. As I was halfway home, however, I noticed there was a slight tear in my bag. I checked my Monkey Ball 2 case and noticed no memory card. Now I was a little perturbed by this, and backtracked all the way to the shop in case I'd not put the memory card in the case and had dropped it, somehow. The manager was outside the shop, having a sly cigarette. He saw me staring at the floor in a focused form of panic, and told me it'd fallen out of my bag in the shop. He also added if it wasn't for the fact I looked so stressed, and I was a nice person, he would have definitely wound me up about it. I guess that's sweet, in a... kinda way. Ahem.

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