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Okay. I just got a phone call. I know where Mum and Cliff are.

Mum's in hospital after breaking her foot, apparently. My sister was rather vague on what'd gone wrong, "something bad happened to her foot," was all I heard from her... I assume Mum's going to stay in overnight. This wrecks her chance of going away this weekend, I'll wager.

It's apparently nothing serious, but it's still worrying. I've got too many chores to do to get really worried about it though, nasty as that sounds. I'm going to walk the dog and then get down the shops before it gets dark, and get me some food while I'm there, maybe some new trainers (one of my older pairs are giving me a lot of heelache, I had to use a pin to open a patch of skin that'd swollen with pus earlier on - and I have a £25 off anything voucher to use, so...) and then tidy up around here best I can.

I appear to have found a CD with some random crap on it. I've just seen a 6mb movie file created by people speaking Russian, with the word "Chechnya" popping up once or twice. Very odd, because I don't know how it got onto a CD I possess.

I also just walked into the bathroom to find flowers in the sink. I don't think this is particularly common, and I've no idea what's going to happen to them.

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