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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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...Jessica visits tomorrow. This kinda has a shadow looming over it; I don't know how Mum is going to be. Until I hear about her welfare anything could happen this weekend.

Not much has been prepared here for her. I've barely dusted and the sofabed hasn't been made up because I simply don't know where Mum's put most of the things for it.

Ah well. This problems will be resolved, I'm sure, and I'm looking forwards to her visit. Damned if I know where her suitcase is gonna end up being placed in this room, though. THERE IS NO SPACE IN MY ROOM.

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No Sweats! I am sure it'll be all good. =D
Have a fun time.

Dean, I just wanted to let you know what I won't be able to visit you before I go to work tomorrow; I've gotta go with dad and Truds to a pet rescue place to check out some cats. :) But if you wanna pop down to the shop later, I'll be in there. Sorry about the short notice, but I thought I'd better let ya know! Hope everything's going fine with you and Jessica!

Sorry I never managed to pop down on Saturday, I'd have liked to.

However, I will be down next Saturday - I'll be working ;P

Really? What time you working from/to? Has your pay been increased yet, btw?

Saturday, 4 to 10. And not yet.

Ah, I'm doing 2 til 8, though I might stay longer if I can. :) Is Joe doing 10 til 2? (Argh! All these numbers! ;D)

Joe probably is, yeah.

I was told someone else has the morning sorted (could be Simon for all I know), so did I want to come in from 4-10, so you could settle for a bit first, then you and I would work together for most of the evening, and if we worked well Simon'd see if he could make it a more permanent time slot for us two.

I'll try not to meddle with your customers too much ;)

Oh excellent! Yeah that's fine, Dean, that'd be cool. :D You can meddle with the customers as much as you like! *laughs* You can handle all the moany ones. >;)

Well, how about I talk to them while you sneak behind them and break their kneecaps?

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