There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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And lo, it's one hell of a change.
Ickle Cute Thing
Things are curious here. I'm not sure I want to say good, because it's only my optimistic frame of mind that'd be making it good. Someone whose philosophy saw bottles half empty everywhere would wonder what the hell is happening in my life.

For example: I remember when I used to enjoy lazing about. Not to say I still don't mind the lazing, but... work is starting to become something I never imagined it could be... fun. And yes, the wages are bad, but I sense I'm being given a lot of respect by the manager, and he is trying to get me involved far more in this place. And that's just dandy with me. I've blagged various items today, from a Defender rucksack to a Championship Manager towel, to a Mortal Kombat t-shirt.

But negatively... this isn't a job I'll be staying in. It's a job where peanuts are offered and I'm no monkey, humorous as they may be. I'm being offered a massive amount of responsibility, when I barely know how to shut the shop up.

Mum really has hurt her leg badly. She's still in hospital, waiting for her operation, though. Go mighty NHS go! Doesn't really make for a nice Mother's Day present when all you can do is call and say hi while she sits in her hospital bed. But then the freedom I've got at the moment is... intriguing.

Little things around Jess' visit - today, I looked at the front cover of Edge today. It said "Games are reaching their mid-life crisis". Which, in terms of innovation, could be true. But I'm buying more and more games now, and it's really not a bad thing in my opinion. I'm very happy when I buy what I do.

I've got so many games this month, so many I could buy when I can afford them next month. Games are as good as they've always been, you just have to search a little to find what you want.

Advance Wars - Jess' birthday present to me, gorgeous little title, certainly one of the best reasons to have a GBA.
The Fawlty Towers DVD Boxset; both series in a box - very nice and entertaining when I feel like watching that kinda stuff.
Worms Blast - a cute little puzzle game a la Bust-A-Move, picked up very cheap so even if I hate it it's not too much cash lost out of it.
Bandits on DVD - bought for Sel as a very early birthday present (a perk of working in a games/video shop means I can get cheap DVDs, ahem)

What else is there to mention in here? There's the visit of Jess, which will be written up in another post. This is a post about now and the future, that visit is a rather nice memory.

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That's the problem with retail, alas.... :( Oh, and didn't Enfield Town do well on Saturday eh?

Enfield Town didn't play on Saturday, as far as I know.

Ah, you mean Enfield's 8-2 demolition.

Different team. Enfield Town are to Enfield, like how AFC Wimbledon are to the other Wimbledon.

How could you forget THE MIGHTY SUTTON UNITED? =( =( =(

...Brown and yellow are horrible, together. >_

It's arguably one of the worst football kits ever.

I've seen worse though, scarily.

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