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Jess' visit.

To be abridged for now, until the morn, when I'll try to elaborate.

Jess arrived Thursday afternoon. We went around Camden especially and Jess got one of the nicest shirts I've ever seen. I'd wear one, except the shirts looked like they were for females. Though I sense this may not stop me from going back there and having a shirt anyway. Ahem. We came home, played games for a bit, and then went for a late night walk for food and shopping. It was a nice day to help Jess settle in.

Friday was pretty quiet. I had to go up and visit Mum in hospital so most of the day revolved around that. We did watch Derren Brown in the evening and Jess played more games (getting particularly engrossed in Kingdom Hearts). It was generally a nice quiet day of eating what we'd bought from Tesco's (the late night shop the night before).

Saturday we'd planned to go to an Italian restaurant. However, when we checked about the availability for placings we found Saturday night at this place was a bit more vibrant than we'd hoped for. So we just got takeaway food instead and chomped on that. It was really nice food and we just had a nice chat through the food in this bedroom, so I don't regret what happened at all.

In fact, I don't regret anything about the days we spent together. We didn't go out much, but we did have a lot of time together. But we did have time alone as well. Jess was never bored and we were able to do things without needing the other person nearby. Say, I could use the PC and Jess'd play the Playstation, and we'd be able to ignore each other to an extent - a comfortable knowing the other person is there if we need to talk, but happy being able to do little things in our own time.

Sunday, we got up a little late and so had to rush around Camden. And then panicked slightly when, as we were set to get Jess to the train station to get back to Leicester, we noticed that the entrance to Camden Town had been shut. The area had become an exit only during the busy Sunday afternoon madness. So we had to rush and find a bus and get Jess to the train station via a bus I'd never used in a short period of time, that'd meant we'd have barely got there if we'd gone by the underground.

We did indeed get to St Pancras' station a bit too late, so we just got some food and spent an extra half hour around each other before Jess had to leave. I kept waving, disappearing away, then coming back for a bit and waving again.

Lastly, Jess drew a gorgeous picture for me but my scanner has completely died and I don't see it working again any time soon. So... alas, you guys won't see it. But it was a bloody nice picture, hehe.

I'm glad Jess visited. I was thinking about how evil she was for making me fall for her like I did, and for making me miss her like I do now. Evil Jess!

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