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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Never trust computers.
I came back to a few people who'd left me messages on AIM, wishing me a happy birthday. As I went to respond to them, AIM froze and crashed. So, if anyone said hi or happy birthday and I didn't respond with a thank you, then - well, AIM sucks, but thank you.

The day was quiet, as stated before. Indeed I did buy the beautiful blu-tack I've been desiring for days, and saw a second hand GBA which I snapped up, because Jess has been after one on the cheap for a while and I thought it'd be nice to surprise her with it tonight.

Work continued in the quiet trend, being quiet to the point of dead. Thankfully Pokemon Ruby was around to be played, so that entertained a little. I've yet to post anything about this game - but I love the Pokemon series of games, despite how easily this allows some to chastise. And one important idea has been implemented into this game that's very useful... you can actually get somewhere quickly from the beginning; once you acquire new shoes you can zip about ridiculously quickly. No more faffing about finding a bike, hoho.

And while that's a very clumsy point to end the journal post, that's where I'll end it.

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I didn't know it was your birthday. =(

It's not something to parade about, really.

Pokémon Ruby being the GBA version, is it?

Yes indeedy. Quite nice so far, though the creature designs do look... well, like there's not much more the creators can create, per se.

Happy birfday! Yay! ::many hugs::

I might give Ruby a stab, having given Crystal and Gold/Silver a miss.

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