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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Why are aliens always green?

Nice little puzzle, actually.

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Forget why aliens are green. I wanna know why those MiBs aren't carrying ray guns. Stupid aliens... eating my men... grumble grumble...

When I originally heard this puzzle, it involved missionaries escorting cannibals across a river.

...I can see why they changed it. Although it's a little lame for MiB agents to use a boat.

Meanwhile, check out the guy's moustache when he says, "Pants tres bien!" ...weird...

I'd heard it as prisoners and security guards. Which made me wonder why security guards would use a boat. If the prisoners get free, they've an escape vehicle right there.

And, yes. I want to meet Mr. Pants Tres Bien, and shake his hand. I adore him.

I heard it as something like a duck, a wolf, and.. something else. And I think the boat person was a farmer. It made sense. *nods* I solved it too! :D

PS-- The aliens on the X-Files are gray. Nyah. :)

A farmer is taking a wolf, a chicken and some grain to market. He needs to cross a river, but his boat is only large enough for him and one of the three items. Furthermore, if he leaves the wolf alone with the chicken, the wolf will eat the chicken. If he leaves the chicken alone with the grain, the chicken will eat the grain. How can he transport all three items to the other side?

Re: That puzzle...

If the wolf is hungry enough to want to eat the chicken as soon as it is left with it, wouldn't said wolf eat the grain - or even worse, try to eat the farmer while he has to row?

I guess the story has several loopholes to it, let's be honest.

Re: That puzzle...

Also, nowadays that farmer would simply use ebay!

"L00K R@R3 GRAIN".

I did it once, then forgot how to do it ;_;

Hint: get the aliens across as soon as possible.

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