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Well, I'm not going to sleep until I put something of worth in here.

I never realised how engrossing work could be. Unlike the playtesting work, where you felt as important as anyone around you, knowing Sports Interactive effectively employed hundreds of people - I feel completely trusted by the manager at work. I guess it's a case of... well... pride in my work, in my abilities - I've not had that feeling in a while. When you prefer to merge into the background and just exist, I guess you forget about the talents you have, due to never using these skills more than need be.

I've found another little game - this mouse clicking speed/accuracy game is a nice idea, given the usual typing accuracy games you can find. Go on, have a go, show off scores for the world to see. Go on.

Right, something of substance to add. Hmm... I know I added a post about potentially getting a scanner a few days ago. And indeed I did get a new scanner. The scanning software that came with it was godawful, though, and it kept saving ridiculously large temporary files all over the place - so I kept with my humble old Primax scanner, from the days of the Time PC. Shame Power Twain doesn't work on XP.

Ah. So anyway, does anyone know of any good scanner software that works on XP that allows for irregular-shaped cropping of images pre-scan? Most software I've seen only crops a rectangular area.

Lastly, I remember when I used to love to write flowing sentences, streamingly on endlessly and ridiculously. I wonder when I lost my verbosity, and from that, I wonder when I became so much of a critic on myself. I've become rather censorious about myself in the workplace. Myriads of messups happen all over that shop, but I manage to pick up on my mistakes and hold them as if they'll never dissipate. Not that it harms my productivity, I work bloody hard when I'm there, and all the good I do far outweighs the bad. But I guess it's the perfectionist in me worrying that I will end up getting lazy, galumphing around the shop. I don't know; I don't think I could work like that. If I didn't feel I was any use I'd not want to work. I hate the feeling of uselessness. Nah. Bluntness'll do for now. To the Crystal Dome! Land of Nod!

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