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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Ah, Pacemaker, how you amuse me so.
Nothing in the world better for amusing and soothing one, than listening to music at least 20% faster than it should be.

And the Brass Eye Paedo special is being downloaded on Kazaa overnight. Shame there's no mention of the Cake episode on there.

Update: I enjoy Play's offer here. 9 quid for Brass Eye? I am having some of that.

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You listen to sped-up music too?

Except I tend to do it with upbeat songs that, upon my 100th listening, no longer seem fast enough. Or sometimes it's just amusing. "Like This, Like That" at 125% always amuses. But rather than soothing, it gets me hyper. And you should see me playing the keyboard version of the accelerated version of the fast version of the DDR song Butterfly at faster than normal speed. It's the fast version of the song. I make the arrows move twice as fast, but also spaced out twice as far. And then I accelerate it. If I make it go fast enough, I can enter a zen state where my fingers move without conscious control from my brain. It's awesome.

Whee. Um. Yay!


Re: Spedupsongsaregreat!

Any song is a potential target for the SUPERSPEEDINGUP.

Oh my, just find the Yoshi's Island music from Smash Brothers Melee. That's a prime example of a song that can never be fast enough.

Re: Spedupsongsaregreat!

Which one is that... one? Not the SMB3 theme?

A little foggy I am.

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