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And the ringing in the ears returns.

Blatantly, moods can change. Sunday, I was pretty odd. To people I cared about too. Yeah, people go into those moods every so often, but I don't enjoy looking back at myself when I'm like that. I make a point of making sure I know when I act uppity, and how I act. I honestly don't remember easily what I do on these days, they're usually blurs. For example, I can't remember a thing about Sunday now.

Monday, work was hellish, lots of rabid little urchins everywhere. Highlight of the day was seeing Astrid though, before she went off to karate. Was great to just chat to someone during the hectic time, things were getting on top of me, so I commend you on your impeccible timing, Miss Castle.

Today, work went excellently. I felt determined to be happy, despite a fairweather friend popping over here earlier, to abuse my internet access and to make me late for work... and work went well. When you've a smile on your face, it seems reciprocal. When I smile, people smile back. Or I'll just smile at them and keep hold of their change until they smile back.

Hm. It does seem Semagic doesn't like my attempts to spellcheck the word reciprocal. Or spellcheck at all.

All the fairweather friends around here seem to be miniature warez d00ds too; asking me to put CM4 on their PCs. It's quite enjoyable to say "No, buy it, you cheap gits." You see, I could imagine saying that to those little pirates on Sunday too. Except, I'd have used far less pleasant language.

To prove my nice non-pirateness, I found Jade Cocoon lying in the shop's second-hand stock, and nabbed that very swiftly. £4 for the original title in a rather intriguing series. I'll enjoy that when I get round to playing it.

And Jess: I forgot, I am a fool. I'll check about how much it'll cost for the GBA to be posted tomorrow. Though why I'm writing this in here when I'll see you on AIM in mere minutes is beyond my comprehension.

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