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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The list.
Well, it appears the problem has been finally resolved. After being passed from pillar to post, I finally got to speak to two very nice chaps. One man told me they'd fix everything up and to call in the evening, the latter solved the internet problem in ten minutes. And it's taken this long to talk to someone in customer services able to do that. I am disappointed this took so long when it seemed rather simple for them to eventually fix, but I am amused by that.

I had lots on my mind at various times without computer activity, to type up. I'd tried to type something up on LJ while at work on Monday, but as I went to post it LJ told me the site was in read only mode and to post in a few minutes. Fair enough. I click back so I may wait a few minutes to send it, and noticed all the text I'd entered had disappeared.

So, that's been lost in the void of time (and if it mattered that much, I'd remember it).

First things first, I am sorting out the trip to Jessica in mere minutes. Then I will read up on LJ, watch some ridiculously bad flash videos, delete the spam email, and reconfigure my email accounts (as the old one is set to be deleted). Vive le cyberscore email address.

Oh, and watch Manchester United get maimed by Real Madrid (4-1 to the Spaniards right now, on aggregate).

So, yeah. Hi everyone!

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Vive le cyberscore email address.

And vive le cyberscore, also. When it works.

Oh, and maimed?

Well, I didn't want a maiming but it looked on the cards, given how they looked like a spiritless side at the time of posting. Then they scored and looked exceptionally good.

further to my email of earlier time;

Do you sell blank cd's perchance in Gamestation? Will have to pop down there soon if so.

Alas, no. However, if you pop over here I have some you could have from me for nowt.

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