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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Stuffs to mention.

It's all to do with my mother having the cable bill changed over to her boyfriend's name, so he has a bill with his name on it, so he can work at an agency (they require proof of where you live as a form of bill, and he had none from here until we did this). What happened was, the accounts were meant to be switched smoothly and easily. Which of course did not happen.

I think I lost broadband access for five days. Part of this reason was that I was meant to be using some other access codes to get online (which Cliff had on one of his letters, which he never bothered to show me until I asked if he'd received anything like that) and part of this reason was that when they switched the account over, instead of broadband access, Telewest had given me dialup access. This was all rectified recently, though, which was good.

I'd love to say I sat around and relaxed and played games, but most of the time I've been awake here, I've been doing trivial jobs for Mum, and I've been working six days a week so I didn't really miss the internet too much.

When I got home I did find I've got over the CM hangover and am now enjoying CM4 properly. And indeed, Leicester have had a rather impressive first season under my tutilage, with the double of the Division 1 title and the FA Cup. So, into Europe those Foxes go, while the fans decree a statue be made outside the stadium just for me. Awww.

Hm, this transition to a new account means I need to create me some email addresses. I'm thinking I should avoid the old username just so I stop receiving spam such as the "Microsoft Security Patch" twice a day. But then it's a problem just trying to think of credible email address I could remember. dean_r@whatever is just simpler to remember, personally. It's only because I had to use the address for newsgroups (via news.cis.dfn.de) that the spam flew in.

I am now amused. I remember the last time we had the National IQ test I was in Leicester, and it appears it'll be happening again. I'm travelling up on Thursday, the 1st of May - and will return on the 5th.

My, this post kinda went all over the place.