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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Fate, I say.
Barcode Simplicity
Strange how these things work out. While looking for a spot the ball site to allow those not clued up on the term to figure out what the idea behind the game was, I find a place that sells a yellow t-shirt like I've been after for ages. I mean, for half a year now. Soon, yellow t-shirts will be mine. Oh yes.

Started to recall the Link to the Past's charms, now I'm getting throw the GBA game. Especially the cunning little tricks you have to consider, to get to the second pendant (am trying not to spoil any of the game at all with that vagueness). There's things like this all over the game, it's why I fell for it the first time I played it.

Next, the plan for tomorrow. I can wake up late, the weather's to be good for most of the day. I need to go into town, get my wages (only four hours' work done this week, but it's still effectively the amount needed to pay for the return ticket to Leicester that I bought) and put that and some more cash into the bank, see if I can get a chicken for Mum and a second-hand copy of XXX in the near future. Mum likes the film's action sequences, so I'll not argue. I also need to pack early - because a friend is coming over in the evening, after I promised they could use the PC to take a few mock tests for their theory exam on Friday. I need to have a shave too, I've got a little bristly recently. I'm gonna look for a cheap mp3/CD player as well, and maybe make a music CD or two up. To listen to at work, if I don't obtain said cheap mp3/CD player.

While on the music thought, I found the music for the T-Mobile advert with the people attacking each other with pillows. All the 8-bit sounds to it amused me, but it's far from growing now I have the song itself.

I'm looking forwards to going to Leicester now. My mind's been a bit preoccupied with other things, but I'm sure I'm gonna have fun up in Leicester. Some very nice things are planned for the time there.

Next! David found a wonderful little page where you can create your own barcodes. Might be good for the old Barcode Battlers game (I'm sure I still have one of those in a loft somewhere), and for odd icons. I have made one myself, so thanks for that, David. I'd have left a comment to that barcode post of yours, but LJ's not liked me trying to reply to that post recently.

I was gonna post that I'd be in bed by... well, nearly an hour ago. And post a whole report about Enfield Town and Enfield FC's varied fortunes this season (that few on my friends list would care about). But anyway, this may be posted. I'm in a need for music right now, so I don't want to sleep yet.

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Iriver mp3 cd players are the best. An IMP 150 can be had for about 100 US dollars as well. I'd reccomend any of them above the IMP 100 though, which I have myself.

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