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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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201081510194. Yeah, really.
So far today has gone fairly well. I feel behind schedule with things, but whatever. I've done all the chores I need to, I need to have a bath and shave but I'll do that before I go to bed. I need to pack but I want to make certain what to bring (and I know most of what I'm taking, so that'll be fairly quick to complete).

While awandering today, I saw the silly joy of Monster Munch "Vanilla Ice Cream" flavoured crisps. I had to pick up two of these, just because. I mean, ice cream crisps must be so nice, because how else would they have managed to get on the shelves to be sold? The level of logic I'm displaying to explain why I bought said crisps feels like it has a flaw to it, but if I shrug enough, I can plead ignorance to it. I also got me a Slush Puppie. Ah, we all love them, but when you're in your late teens you feel odd asking for them, seeing they're aimed at kids... well, not me!

I need to tidy up a little in this room as well. I can see clutter all around. Maybe I am being a bit lackadaisical about packing things.

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Asking for Slush Puppies isn't embarrasing at all. When we used to go bowling for PE at school, everyone bought Slush Puppies. Ahh, good Thursday afternoons were they.

It is a little odd when you're twenty and look close to 25 with the scruffiness, though - especially with the ice cream crisps being bought at the same time.

...What on earth do ice cream crisps taste like? I can't imagine. Can't be worse than most of Walkers' experimental creations. >_<

TEH IKLE OEN makes a point, exactly. :P

I was told they tasted like popcorn. I dunno. I'll wait until I get to Jess' before I try them, let the whole of Jess' family try (and dislike them) too, that way.

It is one of Walkers' experimental creations, by the way :P

Hmm! I got email verification of this post before the one before, about slush puppies. Stupid machiney things.

Yeah, like toffee popcorn, or that Corn Pops cereal.

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