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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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South Wigston Blurb.
I forgot to bring Jessica the box for Golden Sun. I just forgot to pack it completely. Likewise, the thing I forgot to bring back was something called "Spanish Wood". Basically looked like twig but is apparently very nice. Don't ask me, I was buying it for mother and Cliff. But forgot to bring it home. Yes.

I had a remarkably nice Bratwurst roll while in Leicester on the Thursday. It's a shame it's so hard to find nice German sausages in most English supermarkets. Hmm, I spend a long weekend with Jess and a highlight of the trip is eating a German sausage.

A lot of gamesplaying occurs when I go up to Jess', over this trip I'd got addicted to Advance Wars (and got Jess addicted to it as well, for the last few days of my trip) and also had occasional bursts of playing Zelda on the GBA and the Gamecube. Jess tried Gitaroo Man again but found it ridiculously hard, as I do. She also played a bit of Kingdom Hearts, where we laughed at how poor some points of the game were.

[Aside: I should import Advance Wars 2 as soon as it is released in America. I'll find out when it's released in America...]

I'd tried to promise myself not to buy any more games for a bit, but I saw Golden Sun 2 for twenty quid, and Jess stated I had to have it at that bargainous price. And I wasn't going to argue with that logic.

Oh, and I must take a picture of some of the presents I got. Jess' mum bought me a wonderful clown clock, and Jess bought me a lovely Strong Bad t-shirt.

Tomorrow I must wake up early to walk Harry for Mum, and do various chores which Mum will think of. I have to go into Enfield Town and put some cash into the bank. I should unpack the PS2 properly and sort out its wiring. I must send off Jess' Golden Sun box. I should look for new trainers. It's a rather simple list of things to do, really, when all's considered.

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Wurst. I love them.

And whoa! I envy your Strong Bad T-shirt. Last time someone showed me the cup placing mats thingy he's got, those were pretty cool too.

Echte Bratwurst. Nicht Bockwurst. :)

So's Golden Sun 2 out here then?

That's the thing, I don't think it is. This is certainly an American version of the game, and I have no idea when the UK version of the game is coming out. Even Nintendo UK's site has a TBD where a release date should be.

I think I saw it out for June or July 1 here. If you're after it, I'd very much recommend nabbing a copy while you're over in the US.

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