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Primarily for Dave (which means he'll never bloody see this):

I messaged Andy from Last Ditch TV at 4 AM, about that show we talked about. He's already responded, with a really long and pleasant message. What a bloody nice chap he is.

Hello Mr Andy!

I have just had a discussion with a friend of mine tonight. We distinctly remember some show that Last Ditch must surely have made (simply because it was in the same style to That Prezzie Show and Get Stuffed) that went on Channel 4 early on Sunday mornings (y'see, me and the other person making the discussion were fans of Sonic, and a Sonic cartoon was on Sunday mornings too).

Anyway, we recall a show about superheroes. It had an astonishingly long name that I've long forgotten, but it had two superheroey characters doing incredible things like buying a goldfish. And every so often there'd be a random moment of genius, such as when the camera once focused on someone in a dress and asked "What's granny thinking about?" before explaining she was going to run round in circles and then explode. Which she promptly did. One of the highlights of my growing up, that exploding granny was.

Anyway, was this wonderful idea anything to do with you? If not, I demand more exploding grannies in your next series of whatever you do next.

Thanks for any help,
Dean Rivers

Hey Dean,

Thanks for your message! The series you are thinking about is “Blast Off” and 13 episodes were transmitted on Channel 4 between April thru June 96. You are totally correct in assuming that it was a Last-Ditch Production. The neighbouring programmes were: “Sonic the Hedgehog”,”Trapdoor” and “Biker Mice from Mars”. We’d originally wanted to call the series “Blast Off in Yer Y-fronts!” , but a senior C4 TV executive got a whiff of the scatological ambiguity and we weren’t able to get away with it.

When we made the series, we had reckoned that “Blue Peter” was the programme for all those nice BBC children who would go on to have a well-behaved adolescence. Meanwhile, our cunning plan with “Blast Off” was to make a series for all the kids who’d be running away to their first Glastonbury when they were 14-years-old, (i.e. in the daze before Glastonbury became a Wimbledon-style, corporate Smoochfest). “Blast Off” showed kids how to do useful and practical things like: keeping pet worms, dowsing, making plaster casts of people’s feet, customising footwear with glue and pillow feathers, making zoetropes, etc. You’ll be interested to know that the “Blast Off” superheros made their first appearance in “Get Stuffed”. In GS they had appeared as Captain Grub and Blubber and you’ll remember that each superhero had a big letter on his chest - a “G” or a “B”. Because these outfits had cost almost £100 to make, and because we’ve never got much money, it seemed wise to try to re-cycle the same costumes in “Blast Off” ... so the superheros were re-named with names that had to start with the same letters; hence - Captain Galaxy and Bleeper. Geddit?

I’m amazed that you so vividly remember the episode when Granny got into a tizz (about something that I’ve now forgotten) and ran in ever diminishing circles until she disappeared in a puff of smoke. Once you’ve got a handle on the concept, you will realise that quite a lot of stupid and flawed people really do run around in circles and explode. It certainly happens all the time around here and it’s kinda neat & tidy, except for the patches of scorched grass.

Hope this helps.


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