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If there is a God, he was treating me like a marionette today.

Yesterday, to be polite, was nothing short of a waste of 24 hours for me. Nothing of greatness occured, and I'm quite frankly not in a position to want to remember the day. Pretty much everything revolved around being put to the test. One thing I have learned is with work and with Mum ill I need more time for me. With me being on AIM so much it means a lot of my time is devoted to talking to others. Which is all well and good, but not if you're not being selfish as well, like I need to be.

So, now I've had AIM open for a few days non-stop, I might just shut the program down for a few days and see what happens. I'll probably miss a few people. I'll also probably end up opening the program back up again really soon. But basically, as I've typed this up I've got four IM windows up and a chatroom open, and this is a fairly mild night in terms of people messaging me. I can't deal with this, along with all the chores and such.

I'll still type up on here every so often, as I usually do. But I keep mumbling about how I've these games sitting here not being completed, and the best way of stopping that mumbling is to sod off away from people for a bit and actually complete them. Inbetween the shouts of making tea for Mum.

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