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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Well, that's a novel way to be woken up.
Having "HARRY! HARRY!" screamed at you.

Mum had decided to let Harry go outside this morning and let me and Cliff have a slight lay-in this morning, Harry was pestering to go to toilet a little earlier than usual. And indeed he did go. The problem was when he saw an Alsatian on the other side of the road and disappeared from Mum's point of view. I woke up, had clothes on and had dashed out the door before I actually woke up, and realised there were several routes Harry could have gone.

Long story short, a twenty minute goose chase followed, and as I eventually found Harry, who'd gone for a walk around the block, he looked at me with "Oh, you're here at last; walk me home then" eyes.

Needless to say, my body isn't pleased with me being up at 8. But why not make the best of it and keep myself awake? It'll mean I should fall asleep at a saner hour, and changing my warped body clock back to something verging on regular can only be a good thing.

So, my reward for being woken up so early will be a nice bath. Then I'll start on making a CD up, potentially ordering some of those extravagances, and generally getting ready for work at two this afternoon.

On reflection, I know why I wanted away from AIM for a bit. I think too many people were turning to me for things I couldn't offer - which was cutting into my time; making me feel a little inadequate and generally not making chatting to people an enjoyable experience. I've also always appreciated pleases and thank yous if I do try to help, and at times I wasn't getting those magic words. Being taken for granted? Perhaps I was.

Still, being away hasn't exactly resulted in me having loads of work done yet. Yesterday I had a blast at Burnout 2 simply because I needed a no-brainer arcade racing game to get my mind focused. Tonight I think I'll watch a DVD. Oh, and the Golden Sun case is on its way, Jess. Hope it gets there for Monday, I just put a few random stamps on the front so I've no idea if I've paid enough for first or second class.

So, yes. Bath. While I yawn my head off... meh, maybe one hour more of sleep is necessary.