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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Retail therapy.
Ickle Cute Thing
I did indeed end up ordering Advance Wars 2 from dvdboxoffice.com and that MP3/VCD player from specialreserve.co.uk, so that's some cash gone from my account. I think I had that Jonathan Creek DVD boxset pre-ordered from Play too, so that's gonna be another dent in my account. Right now I'm financially happy though, so all of this is good.

Next thing to consider, work. Apparently the manager's going away for a holiday in five weeks and the shop owner may not be around because his wife is expecting a child around the same time and he wants to be there for her. From what the manager has showed me today, he's expecting me to be the one who is to be given the lion's share of responsbility for the shop over this period when neither manager will . This is going to make the next five weeks very interesting, because I sense a feeling of being thrown in a proverbial deep end here.

I need to finish making the music CD up; to listen to tomorrow during work. And I need to think about a few things I talked to Astrid about... honesty can be quite a pain at times.

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Hey Dean, what you on about? Btw, if it all gets a bit hectic at any time within the next few weeks, lemme know, and I'll come in and give you a hand, if I can. :)

Just that I needed to talk to Jess about something. Which I did a little while ago, things are sorted now.

Oh right, ok. Oh, btw, Truds asks (about Advance Wars 1) "not including field training, is the game long?"

The campaign mode goes over twenty levels, the last few being very difficult. Following on from that, there's an Advance Campaign mode, where the levels are made a significant notch harder.

Then there are versus maps to collect, and characters to find, and maps to create. The game's absolutely massive.

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