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Other stuffs.

I now own a new Sonic plush. It was found in a charity shop for 50p.

I don't know if I'm working tomorrow. But I am expecting a package tomorrow, and I am expecting to put some mp3s to CD, just to back things up a bit.

I might start a CM4 game as FK Radnicki Obrenovac, simply because their colour scheme is the same as Rivers United used to use when I played as them. It depends on the limits the Yugoslavs have in their league system.

Speaking of colours, there appear to be a few websites where if you send a custom design off you might be able to get a football shirt designed and made. I'd like something odd and unique like that.

I'm bored in terms of wanting to go somewhere soon. I fancy going anywhere with some nice company this week, I'll have to do something about this.

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