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A whole week without updating?

Well, it's not because there wasn't anything to say. I just wanted to censor myself a little, because what happened wasn't something I wanted to put up here until I explained it to Jess properly, to make sure she wouldn't mind... but, essentially, several days ago me and Jess temporarily split. Things weren't feeling great and the relationship felt excessively negative. I felt we both needed some space. Wow, I'm pulling out all the clichés here.

But, yeah, because of that I've kept a little quiet on here. A lot of my time has been revolving around talking to her about things, just to make sure she doesn't feel alone right now.

Aside from that, not much else to report, really. Work's been pleasant enough recently, I swapped my US Zelda for a UK version with someone else, due to it not working on his US machine. My US save game doesn't work, but isn't that a shame; I'll have to start Zelda again. Even if the GBA Zelda has captivated me far more, especially after my first go at multiplayer action in the Four Swords. It's a revelation, certainly, and far more fun than PSO ever was.

I've still got to put this DVD drive in this machine. With the DVDs I've got collected I need this put in soon, just so I can watch films on a bigger, nicer, monitor with a better sound system, heh.

Actually, there were several things I was thinking of adding over the last few days but now I've decided to, little springs to mind. Typical, that.

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