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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Well, that was a nice day (that is, if we're considering Wednesday to be from 00:00; usually a day is accredited by what's been done before and after sleep. But I sleep at stupid times, so it makes less sense for me to use the standard format) indeed.

Started off pleasantly enough, talking to Jess for a while just to cheer her up. After that, I had a fair old go at Toca Race Driver and just enjoyed games for a bit. I woke up early and relaxed by talking with a few people on here, primarily Jen, when I caught her just as she was tired and going to go to sleep, aww.

Then I realised I had to get to the cinema to see X-Men 2! And lo, I dashed to the cinema and indeed did meet the lovely Trudi and Astrid and watched the film in a rather empty cinema. Still, was an exceptionally fun film. Those two had fanservice with Hugh Jackman prancing about everywhere. I wasn't sure what I was expecting the film to be like, but it was definitely far better than I expected it to be, which was excellent.

We all came back here, played a few games, tried to aid Trudi in avoiding Matrix Reloaded spoilers and managed to have some fun by playing more of the Four Swords multiplayer Zelda game. It's an absolutely joyous game. Then they disappeared, I had an gorgeous dinner, watched great TV programme after great TV programme, chatted to a few people, and generally vegged in style.

There is nothing like a lazy day when you know you've done it well. When you've tried to be lazy and things get in the way, it's frustrating. But this time? As close to a perfectly lazy day with stuff actually done in it, as is possible.

Tomorrow? The plan is Matrix Reloaded in the morning. Work in the evening. Gamesplaying inbetween. Can't say much fairer than that.

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Four Swords. Play it we must. Hmm. Matrix Reloaded you'll like.

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