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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(This post has been stolen from the journal of grinnmn)
Ickle Cute Thing

This is from http://crossspot.net/objective/kidz.html and is indeed worryingly serious.

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what the hell?
oh dear, what is happening to this poor world? >_

I am horrified.

Horrified beyond logic and reason.

Reading more of the site, I am TERRIFIED.

This MUST be hoaxery.

They slate a hoax site for mocking Christianity.

If hoaxery is getting to the stage where hoax sites are made mocking hoaxers... ugh, it's gonna cause headaches.

They're teaching kids these things? .. I dread to think what else are they teaching them.

that is the funniest bit of Christian nonsense that I have seen in such a long time.

What also makes me laugh a tad:

This is a picture of the person who created said cartoon.

Now, take away the glasses and how far away from Ned Flanders' wife Maude does she look?

Mwahahwahwahaa!! *snickering*
The funnyest part is I'm an atheist *laughing*

Sorry, but as you're an athiest you're not allowed to snicker.

*quotes monty python* "I'll do what i like cause I'm 6 foot five and i eat punks like you for breakfast!"
*grin* I'm a big scary atheist monster...

I'm really doubting its real, mostly because of some other stuff I see on the site. Moving right along, some of the other stuff on the site is highly amusing. Yes.

Don't be so pessimistic, lest you'll be branded an athiest next!

What? No, no, no, never, no, what? No.

=OOOO I laughed at this, thinking it was a joke, but.... =OOOOO

...I still have to laugh at it. xD That is so ridiculous! Atheists are sad, grouchy people. Ha!! I'm not an atheist, myself, but I know plenty of atheists and they're certainly not at all grouchy and horrible. xD

Instead of teaching them to fear and hate, why not teach them tolerance or something more useful instead?

I don't believe this is serious.
Jack Chick has some serious competition...
This is worse than I thought o_o;;


(Anyone who insists on having a Janet Reno-plastered user icon is obviously an atheist, deep down inside. And I'm GROUCHY. GRR.)

That's Janet Reno?

I thought it was just a very camp looking Harry Potter.

Re: That's Janet Reno?

So did I!!! LOL.

i sent this link to all my friends

i love how when you move the cursor to the Lambuel's head, it spins! Nothing says Satan more than a spinning lamb's head.

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