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Ugh. Bloated.

To get through the long day of going to the cinema with friends (where Matrix Reloaded was slow at the beginning and the end, and jaw-dropping inbetween) and work I had to take a few ProPlus tablets yesterday. It kicked in too well and kept me up for most of the night, heh.

It also meant I woke up very late today. And Mum's been in a strop for most of the day. I had to go shopping for her, and for someone with such little cash it's amazing how much stuff acquired was ridiculously lavish and non-essential. Not as amazing as the fact no matter what I bought, it was WRONG, however.

I think 40% of the items I bought for Mum were questioned, which did lead me to grumble away tonight. However, aside from listening to her the day's been okay. I've not done a great deal, but what I have done has been very pleasant.

So lazy tonight. Lazy lazy. Gonna go walk the dog and then sit in bed and play games for most of tonight, I'll wager.

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