Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Around this time in late May something begins.

It is an annual battle, one doomed to end in mass slaughter with many casualties lost. It is the beginning of "stupid little flies" season. Every night the flies that normally swarm around the river see my bedroom light on and flock in through the window that has to be kept open (it gets too warm in this room otherwise). Probably about twenty to thirty little flies come in and clonk themselves against the monitor during the night, and are often squished to prevent the little scummy things considering ganging up and attacking me. I've never liked flying insects. Spiders, I'm fine with. In fact, I like them. Snakes, fine. They're quite nice to the touch, really. From flies to bluebottles to wasps to bees, though? Ick.

Also: today is hot again. I usually really lose all my energy when temperatures reach over 27o C; about 80o F. I just get lazy. Well, lazier.

In fact, so lazy I got too tired to complete and send this post initially.

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