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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Where have all my emails gone?
I'm getting a tad displeased that I'm getting no emails telling me when people are replying to my comments or posts.

Makes trying to have a conversation with someone with LJ a bit difficult.

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I suspect it's linked to Cyberscore's server move. Normal service will resume shortly, don't you worry. Sorry for the trouble.

Really? That's odd. I'm still getting the emails, but instead, pages are only half loading up for me. That could be my dodgy computer though ;)
The person above sounds in the know!

Yeah, I (ab)use his offer of my own email address from his site.

It's been about 48 hours since I pulled the nameservers round - are you getting them again yet?

Getting no emails sent to the cyberscore address at present.

Hmm. Can you see the website itself? Or still a page saying "call again later"?

Cyberscore is going offline for a few days pending movement to a new server. To prevent synchoricity issues with the databases, the site is being taken down temporarily. As soon as this move is complete we will return. We apologise for the inconvinience but we will return as soon as possible!
ETA: May 30th 2003

It looks like your connection provider's zonefiles have yet to update with Cyberscore's new info. Blimey. I thought EVERYONE would've caught up by now, it usually takes about 48 hours.

I'm willing to bet that as soon as you can see the website (it's back up and running at the new location), you'll get a flood of comment notifications, as they're probably all sitting in your new mailbox.

Well, I used a different Blueyonder proxy and now I can see your website up and running.

Still no joy with emails, though.

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