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Unpleasant corporate corporeality.

Barclays has never felt like a loving bank. They've always felt rather proud to be more important than you, their staff proud to know you mean little to them. And they're perfectly happy to rub these facts in.

When you receive letters with scaremongering tactics regarding credit card cover it goes to show how important you are to them, though. How much they would like to drain from your account.

You might not use your cards very often - but a thief would! and If you ever discover your [credit cards] have gone, your problems may only just be beginning.

For a loving bank I'd expect them to be far more pleasant if I ever did lose my cards. One day I'm really gonna have to look into alternative banks. I bet there are banks that offer better terms of interest, whilst still retaining locality and whilst still retaining a feeling that they're not corporate.

But until then? I've got to get ready for work. And get things ready for dogmeat, with his copy of Wario Ware waiting to be delivered to me. I need to send £25 in a fairly chunky padded envelope, along with a sticker with my address on, so he can send my game in return.

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