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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Day was good, but felt lazy throughout it. Still feel lazy now, so can't be bothered to write a proper entry.

Second hand Herdy Gerdy (not tried yet, but I sense I'll love it ideawise)
Second hand SOS: Final Escape (have tried, nice storyline idea)
Nice snacky food (T-Bone Steak Roysters and Beef Squares)
Nectar of the Gods (500ml bottle of Ribena)
CD Walkman with CD-RW and MP3 playing capabilities from a Cash Converters (in a tatty state, as I like them, means I don't have to worry of keeping the machine pristine)
4-way Link Cable for GBA (not sure why, I never seem to play more than 2P games).

People that visited:
Tony (over to primarily use the Internet for mobile phone ringtones. Again.)
Sister (hiding from Nan rambling away like a loon)
Daniel (who enjoyed SOS: Final Escape)

Things to do tomorrow (today):
Sort out online banking account for sister.
Try Herdy Gerdy.
Try to sell off my old CD player ASAP.
Stop being so lazy.

Other news:
May sell Ape Escape 2 despite not "completing it" entirely like I planned to. The game felt depressingly uncharming, unlike the original. Y'know, too generic a set of level designs. Though the monkey football is better than Monkey Ball 2's.
Must install DVD drive into this PC soon (read: must get someone else to bother to install the DVD drive into this PC).
I have bitten my nails to ridiculously low levels. I should stop doing this, but nyeh.

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You bought a Hurdy Gurdy?! As in the instruments with the turny handle thingy? YOU ABSOLUTE STAR.

Sorry, I love those. I want one, or at least to be in a band with one... you don't see them enough outside european folk groups, they rock.

Alas, the raining on the parade starts now.

Hurdy Gurdies (priced at around a thousand pounds each).

Herdy Gerdy, an average game for the PS2 about herding.

Not to say I don't love hurdy gurdies myself, and if I ever saw one I'd buy one. But come on, this is Enfield. The chances of something wonderful and folky like that appearing around here are slim.

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