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The fox.

I'd just finished work and got myself a packet of crisps to eat on the way home. As I got close to my school, I managed to drop a crisp, and as I looked down I sensed something. As I turned slightly, I saw a bedraggled fox a metre from me at most, with a rodent of some form in its mouth. It looked at me and with a twinkle in its eye, it tilted its head at me and watched me for a moment. I sense it was thinking, "You humans. You take over the planet and you can't even hold your food properly."

Anyway, after a few seconds, it came a little closer, sniffed at the crisp that fell on the floor, and then skulked away under a car to eat its food properly.

Those crisps tasted pretty bad, in retrospect. I think the rodent would have been nicer.

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