Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

You know, I can be such an idiot sometimes.

Primarily, when I had my first GBA. No interesting games, a lot of ports and I was very unsatisfied with the machine when I got rid of it for a pretty good price. I was disgusted with the machine, wondering if a novel game that'd intrigue me enough to want the machine again, would ever appear.

And now I have Wario Ware, the fifth game for my handheld joy. Kurukuru Kururin was the only title I owned originally that I had enough fond memories of to buy again, and now other people have the console the multi-player game does amuse. Link to the Past, Pokémon Ruby and Advance Wars were all new titles to me, all captivating me for some time. Wario Ware will be over way too quickly but will always be a fun game, especially seeing it's one of the few my mother really begun to enjoy.

"The purpose of this game is to pick the nose? How much did you pay for this game again?"

And I did get rid of SOS: Final Escape and Ape Escape 2 in exchange for Skies of Arcadia Legends. So that's another infinitely long RPG to play. All I need now is to be sacked and I'll be fine!

Speaking of the job - pay's still rubbish, and looking down the Jobcentre I saw jobs that'd be as simple as what I do now for a pound more an hour. I like to consider myself loyal, but I'm curious over what I could earn if I really pushed myself, heh.

In other news, whilst eating salty crisps I managed to get a paper-cutesque thing happen to my tongue due to a sharp piece of crisp, which would be bad enough if it wasn't for the fact my mouth was harvesting enough salt to make me whine like an idiot - until enough water was drunk to shut me up.

Wait, that's not real news? So it isn't!

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