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Making up for lost time?

Ah, I keep doing this recently. Don't feel like writing for a few days, then feel like trying to make up for lost time.

So far I can say this: I took £16 to work with me today. Usually I don't take more than a few quid, on purpose too, to stop me from buying what I don't fancy. But today I had an idea in my head that something good would be in. And as soon as I walk in, someone sells the shop a limited edition of Ico in to the shop in near perfect condition. I quickly grab that once the man is out of earshot, and say to the shop owner "Name a price, I'll have that." Ten quid, he said. I almost wanted to laugh in his face but just passed the cash over.

Even better was when I found an old copy of Devil Dice for the PS1 in the shop. And in fact, between you and me, there's a second. I asked how much I could have it for from the manager. He shrugged, and asked for a fiver. I tried not to look too stunned, and agreed that was a fair price for it. Ahem.

The former may be passed on to someone else who's been after the game, the latter is just for me. Mmm, selfishness.

And I had some success involving cats on the way home! I saw a cat near me. I pestered him to stay still so I could make a fuss of him, and he eventually came towards me. And it let me make a big fuss of him. And this is the first time in months - seriously, months - that I've had a cat let me pester it. And even then, after I gave him a fussing over, he still went for a playful scratch at me.

And more will be posted soon, I bet.

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