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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The cat's away (and out of the bag!)
The manager's off to some unpronouncable and unspellable place in Greece. Over the next week, I think I'll find out how good I am at this job, heh. The owner may be around more, but otherwise it seems I'll be alone and in control for quite a lot of time.

From today to next Sunday I'll be putting in 46 hours or so, more than I've been doing for a long while. This is pleasant, and I'll make sure I take advantage of this situation. The week after may be asimilar, with someone else off to Glastonbury I'll probably be able to take a great deal of extra hours. Then people may visit here, so I may get a bit of time off.

Alas, most of my games are set to be unloved for a fortnight. The GBA will be a nexessity over this fortnight, and when I return at night I have an Advance Wars 2 ROM (4.3mb) to play, thanks to jessicapadkinJess finding me it.

The new Cardigans album wasn't anything better than average personally. I'll order Radiohead's Hail to The Thief and Placebo's Sleeping With Ghosts online after seeing disgusting prices offered at the Enfield HMV.

Just getting some food together to snack on before I go to the shop. I've a few quid on me to buy some lovely Haribo sweeties so that'll be a snack while I'm there, and I think I'll have me a pizza tonight.

Twenty minutes before I go. Time to get myself ready.

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Get 'em from CDWOW.com - £8.99 each, and free postage!

Oooh. Thanks to that comment, that is indeed where I got 'em from, ta.

Hooray! Tell me whether the new Radiohead album is worth picking up...

Well, I have all the mp3s already, and because I like them, I'm buying the CD. So I think it says how impressed I am, to want to buy something you can get for free. Ahem.

The album in general is lovely for me. Some tracks feel very acoustic, some very electronic, some like remixed versions of OK Computer/The Bends tracks. Some phase between the three. Nearly all the songs have some experimental feeling to them; all feeling very much Radiohead yet there's no way to put a finger on why (besides Thom's voice, who's on top form).

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