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Update from work.

#1: T-shirt idea. Make a shirt with BIG TEXT on saying:


Just to see how many [old people] tut and go "Kids these days."

#2: This machine has the worst mouse ever.

#3: Someone's left their wallet here today. Clever fool. Ah well, at least someone was kind enough to give it to me instead of stealing it. Probably for the best too, seeing we have CCTV here in the shop.

#4: I want that yellow t-shirt before Jess visits. She wants a t-shirt design so I'll get a few made up at the same time, I hope.

#5: It appears someone thought you could put CD-Rs into a hifi (y'know, that plays/records tapes but only plays CDs) and when you pressed record on the tape deck, you could record onto the CD-R at the same time. Yay stupid!

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