There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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How soppy may one get?
I have just felt... bizarrely happy over the last few hours. A giddy happiness, a day that's just been ridiculously pleasant all over. When the potential for problems may have began, something nice came along. I've had people asking me if I was drunk because I just seemed so happy and filled with a childish excitement to life today. Thing is, it's just my mind working really sharply. It's the pleasure of feeling like a someone to so many. It's the ability to enjoy things I shouldn't be, but being grateful for what I have been able to do regardless. It's the joy in knowing as young/old as I am, I can still learn and I can always teach someone something new.

It's pride. It's not smugness, I know my weaknesses, but I will use them as a foundation to make me stronger. It's not being egocentric, the world isn't revolving around me and I'm pleased it isn't. I wouldn't like to think my mass could cause a gravitational situation like that.

It's me being me and despite not being much, being damned proud about who I am right now, and I need to remember this, because some time in the future I know I'll get down, and I'll want to look at a time when I felt so mentally strong, so peaceful, so good.

Hm, an inverted angst post. How bizarre.

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That's quite well said actually. I think I can at least relate to that myself today anyway. :)

Hi Deano,

Nice post, hope you're still there in the happy zone. Sounds very nice indeed.

Apologies for tardiness in popping in to the shop, have been being screwed around by this job I'm doing, and am back in Bristol now for a couple of days to sort out some uni work. Hopefully should be able to pop in on Saturday though, or earlier if I don't get this job:)


isn't it weird people suspect you're drunk or on some drug when you're naturally happy? like, they don't know what happiness is anymore. being happy with oneself at least. and you wonder why self-help books and therapist sales have sky-rocketed.

anywho, we should talk when you're not working or half-awake LoL, ciao!

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