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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Upon reflection
Of the self:

1) I should be in bed now, but it's just too hot and my mind's too active to want to rest.
2) things should be tearing at me, but my indifferent side keeps these worries at bay - the problem of having many facets means at some point various masks shall dissipate; then the masquerade will begin.
3) I feel like doing a jigsaw puzzle; I never want to do jigsaw puzzles.
4) I think I need a good cry; we all need them sometimes - there's just nothing to cry of right now.
5) if I distanced myself from everyone and tried to begin again with all my friendships, I wonder which people I would be comfortable with in a week, in a month, at all.
6) I am chameleonesque in terms of how I write. I can pick up traits of other people way (and write like them as a result) too easily. I feel my own writing style has diminished as a result.
7) I want to know when I stop breathing, I've had fun and been happy.
8) I don't want to grow up to be anything special. I want to be someone that skulks around in the background - or at the very worst, I'll want to have an influential role in something nobody cares about.
9) for someone with a lot of games, I don't play them very much at all.
10) next time I'll just sit in bed until I fall asleep instead of staying up half the night.

Of life:

1) little is less fun than waiting impatiently.
2) being forgetful makes forgiving easier.
3) listening to one side of a two-sided story is worse than listening to none.
4) when you begin to forget who you are, take a step back and look to those you trust most - knowing where other people are in relation to you will aid in affirming your position.
5) it is always wise to hope for the best and plan for the worst.
6) it is far easier to be scared of what you don't know than what you do.
7) there is always someone worse off than you, feeling happier than you.
8) you should never stretch something out if you've nothing else to say.
10) our problems always appear greater from our own perspective.

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I love the life list... a few of those things really made an impression on me. :) 3, 6, and 7 were especially eye-opening.

Have I ever said how cool some of your icons are? They're cool. :)

Are you ok? Did we upset you last night? :-(

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