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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Spending spree!
I realised that this week I'd be doing 50 hours, so decided my cash was going to be spent wisely on the usual technological junk. So here are the latest acquisitions.

Puyo Pop. £23.99 from cdwow.com
Game Boy Player. Discounted to £34.99 from Game
Afterburnt GBA, £50 on ebay.

This means I'll sell my old GBA off. Anyone want it for 20 quid?

Off to Nan's tonight. I really can't wait. Mmm, saveloys and chips. I'm blooming starving too, a stonking great pile of fatty chips shall be enjoyed muchly.

I want to take the Cube and Game Boy Player with me so I can get Nan or Bill playing Wario Ware. Come on, you can imagine the fun they'd have trying to figure out why the game's disappeared after five seconds and a new one's started, and what are the buttons again?

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20 quid, eh?

Alright, I need to check money issues before I can confirm, but I think that sounds in the giftable range. If you haven't had any other offers, make a note of me.

...I also need to confirm that my notion of a quid comes from reality and not from, say, Terry Prachett novels.

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