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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
I am divisible by two, but not by one. If I add myself to myself, I become nothing. My whole is half the sum of my total. What am I?

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bored out of your mind, obviously.

Well, duh.

(And copy-pasting odd questions from Look Around You; that mock Science show from the BBC. That was excellent.)

Ah, Look Around You. I missed most of it, but caught the last few episodes. And it was excellent. Thankfully, a DVD release is nigh.

Alas, nigh appears to be Octoberish.

Ideal Christmas present methinks. Well, Better than the four tins of Leapord I got last year (Leapord being the cheap version of Lynx; which smelt of paintstripper - and probably was.)

At least it's getting a DVD release, kudos to the BBC for that. But balls to the BBC for axing People Like Us and not releasing the second on DVD.

That's a given and wouldn't need to be hidden behind a conundrum, o blembonic foo.

Everything is divisible by 1.

I cheated and looked at the answer. It made sense, but I'm going to read it another five times just to make sure.

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