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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Right, that's it.
I never thought this'd happen, but an old lady calls up:

"Hello, Games Station."
"Oh, hello. I'm, er, looking for a game for my friend."
"Oh. what title are you after especially?"
"Space Invaders."
"...right. On what console?"
"Well, I know it was on an old console so I know they've made one for the new purple Sony Playstation machine."
"I'm afraid the Playstation isn't purple."

Uncomfortable pause. I try to guess what she might mean.

"Do you mean the Gamecube?"
"Er, I guess so."
"Is it a console that plugs up to the TV?"
"Yes, like the Playstation. I thought they were all Playstations."
"No, this is a rival brand."
"Oh. Anyway, do you have this game?"
"I'm afraid not. It's a bit of an old title, and I wager it won't be updated for the Gamecube."
"Whyever not? My friend wants it, surely it must be available somewhere."

At this point I wanted to ask if it was someone doing a Biffo2, but thought against it and politely explained that she had a slim chance finding it elsewhere, despite her claim that some other store must have it and that I "was being cheeky".

Oh, and as I type this the S Club Kid1 comes in. Every Saturday morning without fail (and most weekday mornings too) he wanders around, looking interested in the videos, then comes up to the counter and asks for S Club 7 posters. I almost wish I could draw some for him, the poor chap. He then complains in this order:

a) Why we have posters up for other films that aren't out yet.
b) Why we have films for kids (especially why we have Postman Pat. "That's not a film.")
c) Why the people who send us posters don't send us an S Club 7 poster just for him.

He's 7 members short of an S Club, he is (hoho, the wit).

1 By kid I actually mean 20-year-old. But S Club Man sounds a bit... depressing for humanity?
2 Mr. Biffo was behind Digitiser. He produced a section called Phoning Honey. An excerpt of Phoning Honey is here: http://www.moleman.freeserve.co.uk/honey.htm

Back to work.

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Wasn't the last Space Invaders on the PSOne? Or the GameBoy... ^^;;; If they update that game again, I will die.

S Club Man sounds like some kind of superhero. XDDD Scary.

Holy crap Dean, I feel for you if you get more customers like this! People can be so rude to shop employees. Cheeky? Our Dean? Some older people are far too quick to assume all us young uns are trying to burn down their houses. ;-) You would probably find this site comforting though: http://www.actsofgord.com

Been there, and taken some knowledge from that site in, to be a truly sarcastic git when I work.

Hmm, that poor man. But yet an interesting day for you right Dean?

More interesting than usual, but not the most bizarre of days, certainly.

*laughs* Lovely entry, dear!

Well, I wouldn't be surprised if we DID get Space Invaders on a new console anytime soon. They're always reviving old games, and only recently I purchased Manic Miner for the GBA.

Check out the "Customers_suck" community here. When I was reading your post, I thought it was someone FROM that community until I saw your icon. Teeheee.


Oooh, impressive.

I'd join but it's way too busy a community to keep up with, heh.

I once met a girl in my art class who was obsessed with S Club 7 (my senior year) I didn't understand how a 17 year old could fall under the spell of an obviously put together band like that with their own tv show. S club 7 fans are crazY!

Maybe she fancied Rachel.

Purple Playst... good lord.

No, wait, a SONY Playstation. I can see how one might come to call all consoles "Playstations," just as people have taught themselves to call all copiers "Xeroxes" and such. There are definitely people who will call all consoles "Nintendos" and all portable game systems "Game Boys." But was this old lady under the impression that Sony had a monopoly on videogame consoles, or simply that "Sony" wasn't a company but rather a term to indicate a videogame player?

I dunno. Maybe that's unfair. Still amusing, though.

You can always hear a fun tale if you eavesdrop enough.

In the past while sitting in here, I have overheard someone tell others you couldn't play certain Mega Drive games on the original Mega Drive and had to have the Mega Drive II.

I really hope he was trying to wind the other people up. I mean, good grief.

The S Club guy was in? Oh gawd, I'm sure he's gonna probably pop in today too. >_< The thing is, we actually have the stupid crappy film in the staff section (is it out to the public yet?) but we can hardly let him borrow that. When he was in one Saturday, I said to him (after seeing that the film was in the staff section) "Oh it won't be long before you can rent the video" and he said "No I don't want the video, I just want the posters"!? Fine. ;)

What did he say once, when you said he was swearing about stuff?

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