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I said I would and so I did.

I promised myself that I would not sleep until I finished Advance Wars Campaign Mode. I only had two missions left. The Final Battle level (ironically the penultimate level) managing to be a right swine of a level, followed by a level against Eagle where I managed to fluke a ridiculously quick victory (I charged for his HQ and took it over without attacking any of his units, winning in six days). Now I've got Grit and Kanbei in the game to tinker with. And maybe I'll have AW2 in the post in the morning. Teehee etc.

Also... I have to wake up early. I have money I need to put in the bank, and I have DVDs to take back to the shop. And AW2 to play if it gets here, heh.

I also decided to see how intelligent the average HotOrNot person (who wants to contact me) is; if anyone manages to contact me in this way I'll actually find them interesting people for doing some detective-work and actually finding me.

I have an account on there and about once a month, someone "wants to meet me", as you can do on that site. The problem being HotOrNot sets it up so you have to pay to actually send a message of any use to someone - and is based in the US, making it difficult for anyone from Europe to pay for this service. Therefore I decided to even the odds a little. I give my full name and location in my description of myself, and a google search for "Dean Rivers" Enfield only leaves one alternative, with quite a few ways of contacting me from there...

As I say, if any of those people who wanted to meet me find me from there, I'll be amused.

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