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A fistful of dollars and a faceful of pigeon.

Yesterday, as I went to put money into the bank, I realised I needed some US dollars. So off I went to the Post Office and indeed got some of the green money. The US economy's pretty poor, I used to remember for conversion purposes $15 = £10, but now it's closer to $16. That's quite a slip, really.

Despite disliking Barclays' there's actually money in my account, huzzah! I may treat myself soon.

Following that, as I went home yesterday a low-flying pigeon swoops towards the ground, bashing into my shoulder before spiralling to the floor. Six inches more to the right I'd have had a pigeon head in my mouth. Needless to say that's one of the odder things to occur to me this week.

What did flummox me more, however, was today's delivery. I come home to see a nice package from the US on my bed. Advance Wars 2!

I tear into the packaging. Nope, not AW2. It was Bomberman Online and Alien Front Online for the Dreamcast. Which some guy on ebay sent me several months ago. So now I've got two US Dreamcast games I'll never use and never expected to see again. Very bizarre.

I feel a little tired; I had a bad night's sleep last night. I'm gonna take a nap seeing I have work at six.

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