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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Jess visited, she did!
As a result of this visit, I've spent a silly amount on tickets to get in and out of London, I have a Specter t-shirt (picture to be taken later), I have pocky and I have a feeling of comfort, as things with Jess went really nicely.

I have work on Wednesday, and tomorrow I have someone visiting - oh, and I have to go up to Nan's and go over the road for her. She seldom leaves the house now; she's become a hermit. Not a problem, the walk to her house is long and straight and I will have music to listen to or the GBA to play.

And I have Kula World possibly coming through the post tomorrow; I saw it on the relatively-cheap and decided I wanted it again. I've got a good collection of PS1 games going for this PS2, heh.

Jess' visit has given my sleep pattern a good maiming, though. I feel all tired already. That's madness!

Last: I like Advance Wars 2 a lot.

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One of the few redeeming inventions of the human race, beside computer games, anime, caffene and PeakPoint Helmets. I'm all out of Pocky just now... *skakes empty boxes* I need to steal money off someone to obtain more Pocky.... Hmmm... OHH, SPIIIKE! >D
A tshirt with me on it! You have good fashion sense... very good indeed. I'd want one - if I wasn't me that is. I'd look a bit silly wearing a picture of myself. Perhaps I should wear a picture of you!
Kula World huh? If its the ball in a screwy-gravity maze, I had a demo of it once. It was neat. I want it again.
I haven't got Advance Wars 2... I doubt I will, due to the fact I get enough of war strategy in real life. XD The only games I have just now are Sonic Advance 2 and Pokemon Sapphire. Is it just me, or is the rival in R/S amazingly polite compared to Gary and Kamon from the previouss games?... O_o

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