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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Ffuzzy-logic. Or was it ffuzzy-logik?
I really need a haircut. I'm cheap though, so I'll just wait until Mum's hairdresser comes along and whine at her to cut my hair at the same time. We're at the "mop on legs" stage at the moment, people, but at least I can consider that it can only get worse, and it'll be nice to take a before/after pic of my hair disappearing.

Kula World probably isn't coming here. It appears CEx tried to get in contact with me regarding it yesterday afternoon, which I only found out about... twenty minutes ago. Well done to all concerned! But it appears they wanted to get in contact with me about some game that they thought they had but didn't, or something. Er.

Except my bank claims I've paid £25 for the game already. And hasn't updated that I paid for the TV license online. This is freaking me out a little and I'm not very pleased with any of this. It'd better sort itself out soon, I am not readily prepared to resolve a lot of stupidity on other people's behalves. It's bad enough sorting out my own messups.

Meanwhile (seeing I'm in the venting mood) I went back to work again today! Which wasn't as bad as I thought it'd feel... until I had to shut up the shop and realised that nobody had left padlocks around. Which meant I couldn't shut the shop up; I needed two padlocks and only had one "reserve padlock" available to me. I had to do a ridiculously extensive search that took twenty minutes before finding a padlock in a folder, hidden away in the darkest depths of the shop. Not the most sensible place to put a vital part of shutting up, but there you go.

It appears the manager wants to give the shop an identity, which in layman's terms, means a lot of work for very little reward. Sounds like fun, nonetheless. It'll mean I go from wearing a twee shirt with the shop name on it, to a twee shirt with an awful logo on it. But it'll be a new shirt, at least!

Meanwhile, here is a picture of my new t-shirt, acquired while with Jess, with a majestic logo on the front of it. Yay Specter.

And while I'm uploading pictures... more of Harry! [1] [2]

I'm also hungry. I fancy a few slabs of cow right now. Mmm, quarterpounders.

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Tell him I'll draw pretty pictures of game characters for decoration or design some kind of game mascot or summit for a fuckload of money.


Your Doggy scares me o_o;

No, you're just unable to deal with outright dog-sexiness.

Why yes. I am majestic. XP Nice dog, even if I'm more of a cat person/monkey/whatever.
Hehe. Cow slab.

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