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Full transcript cut, but essentially - I saw two people try to break into a car. Even though they'd tried to grab hold of the door and jimmy their way into it, they politely informed me they were only trying to steal a car tyre for their own car, that'd broken down somewhere.

What rubbish lying.

Jusquun (02:41:02): eee
KT Coope Grigori (02:41:22): eeeeeeeeeeee?
chao are tasty (02:41:27): aaaaaa
Jusquun (02:41:31): Will explain.
KT Coope Grigori (02:41:36): please do
Jusquun (02:42:45): I was walking Harry and saw these two oiks coming down the road.
Jusquun (02:42:49): And I watch them; they walk through our block of flats, around the back.
Jusquun (02:43:03): And they start looking in car windows. With me staring right at them.
KT Coope Grigori (02:43:07): *nods*
KT Coope Grigori (02:43:10): ee?
Jusquun (02:44:45): I watch them attempt to put weight onto a car door, a flash car, one boyracers might want. I cough.
Jusquun (02:45:00): They turn and look shocked. They apologise and say they were after a car tyre.
KT Coope Grigori (02:45:10): Muh
Jusquun (02:45:36): And because they were stranded, needed one from an asimilar car. I just nodded, because two of them vs one of me would have been fun, though I had Harry's lead ready to thwack.
Jusquun (02:46:01): I point out a banger car had a tyre on it to take. They say "Nope, wouldn't fit on our car." and I go "Oh." and walk off.
Jusquun (02:46:22): I then watch them from the frontroom window, looking back at the car, and confused, they walk back up Ladysmith Road.
Jusquun (02:46:35): Which is odd, as this road is cordoned off 200m up it.
Jusquun (02:46:53): So if their car had broken down there, they'd have had their car in a stupid place as is.
Jusquun (02:47:21): I quickly told the guy whose car they were after, he sleepily said thanks.
Jusquun (02:47:33): Just called the cops, they're gonna get someone to have a lookaround.
KT Coope Grigori (02:47:53): hehe
J R Padkin (02:47:57): You scared them off, you hero =D
Jusquun (02:48:06): I gave a vague identification, I really didn't notice what they looked like besides tops and vague figures, I was trying to keep eye contact in case of anything bad happening.
Jusquun (02:48:21): So those guys are off somewhere.
Jusquun (02:48:29): And the police are looking around now.
J R Padkin (02:48:38): Mind you, I'd be scared shitless if confronted by Harry

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