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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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It's amusing that since the scanner "broke" I've realised I've not printed something in ages; the last thing was 200 leaflets regarding her bloke's band playing in some sweatshop of a pub.

I know it sounds mean, but I'm afraid her condescending manner regarding it all got me riled. She'd bring in 30 little things, ask me to scan them, blow them up to A4 size and print them all, and then complain if they weren't done within half an hour. So unfortunately for her, my scanner is kaput. For my friends, it still seems to work, which is quite fortunate, really.

By the way: I'm not normally this nasty. Let's just say "Please" and "Thank you" go a long way with me.

So next, ebay. What does she want to sell? Shoes. Apparently she's been told all manner of pervs snap these things up off ebay, so she was adamant she had to sell them on there! Great. I'm having to give my email account out to a bunch of pervy foos. Nice.

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I wouldn't like to think some perv was fondling my old shoes, personally. And I certainly wouldn't like to give my address to them.

Mother will do a lot of stupid things for money.

I'm exceptionally hesitant about this. The fact the person that recommended she sold them on ebay informed her to say they're "slightly scuffed" because it'll make the pervs enjoy having a good sniff of them when they buy them, disturbs me.

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