Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Just a short grumble. That got longer as she grumbled longer.

Mum's been moaning like a bloody Lisa throughout today.

So far today I've got no further in knowing why Computer Exchange took my money and why Auntie Beeb didn't, but I have vague estimation on when the money may reappear/disappear, at least. I hope.

I've tried to set up the Mega Drive for her, so she can play Mega Bomberman. But the console won't work (probably dusty after she boxed it up and put it in a dusty cupboard), so she said I should throw it out, and that I'd broken the console. Very good.

In fact, now she's screaming at me because the dog doesn't want to go out but she decrees IT NEEDS TO. Now Bill's got here and she's arguing at him because he dragged him down yet "didn't walk him far enough".

I do not take well to being treated like this. Pleases and thank yous have not been offered, so the amount of effort exerted in response is negligable.

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