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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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That Biffo, he's done it again.
digiworld.tv is go. And oh my, it's close to how I dreamed it'd be.

Except you'll have to sign up to see most of the stuff there, alas. Still, I'm sure I'll steal notable quotes and put them on here way too often. I've already wanted to twice.

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'LANDO: Nobody makes a fool out of Lando Calrissian like that. Fetch my flying Toyota Corolla - I'm going to get those bus-cusses.'

It appears digiworld was unable to handle the bandwidth.

It's not that - they've taken it down to sort out the login problems.


Oooh, forgot to consider the forums.

Hey Dean (sorry I'm not sending you an email, but Hotmail's being a bitch to me right now) Just wanted to say sorry I didn't pop into the shop and see ya this evening; karate was cancelled cos my sensei wasn't well, so I wasn't in the area at all! :( I watched that bloody Banger Sisters film; you can imagine how amazing *that* was....¬_¬

S'all right. Just worried if you were okay. I mean, you know how paranoid I can get.

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