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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The princess and the pillocks.
Firstly and most importantly: Things with Jess are pretty much back on track, which is fantastic news, really.

Meanwhile, work felt quite bad today, I realised. I'm afraid I don't take well to bullyish characters around people I know as friends. I just know they're pillocks and would love to see them get a short, sharp dose of reality to the back of the head, but alas, with CCTV in the shop I just have to shut up and let the bullies treat my friend with disdain. Mind you, I can just suspend their rental accounts for being scum. This possibility is probably a little more personal than things should be.

...I'll ensure they don't rent much first. Still, you really shouldn't have told me your surname, Master Villar.

I've really lost interest in writing stuff up on there; this is because not much else of interest is occuring here. Nobody's bid on mum's ebay shoes (shock!), nobody wants to sell Advance Wars to our shop (horror!) and life's as random as usual recently. Also because you other people seem to be doing more fun stuff, and I'm enjoying reading to scrawling recently.

Also, it's still too hot. Yet, too hot to even type. I'm melting as I tap away at the keyboard. MELTING.

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What happened? Seems a lot of complete tossers turn up in our shop. 9_9 What's this Villar guy look like, so that I know to look out for him (and not be too polite >:)

Welcome to my world Dean. I'm much more of an LJ-Lurker. ^_^

Glad that you and Jess are getting along better, then. =)

You should go around naked when it gets too warm, as well. Just a suggestion! ;)

Who says I don't already? ;)

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