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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The penny that broke the consumer's back.
Barcode Simplicity
Fetsur (17:23:59): I got a dreamcast keyboard today.
Fetsur (17:24:06): Care to guess how much it cost me?
Jusquun (17:24:09): 99p.
Fetsur (17:24:12): close
Fetsur (17:24:14): £1
Jusquun (17:24:18): You paid too much.

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I paid a tenner for mine when they were still useful. Yes.

Well, it WAS brand new!


I don't know which is the most embarrassing: the fact that I have a Dreamcast, the fact that I bought a keyboard for my Dreamcast, the fact that I bought a keyboard for my Dreamcast when I don't have any games that utilise it, or the fact that I bought something from Poundland.

>:O What's embarassing about having a Dreamcast?! It's a great system!

Agreed, but it's deeply unfashionable. Especially considering it was discontinued two years ago.

On the other hand, in the more knowledgable certain circles you could be beaten with a stick for expressing such a sentiment.

Remember: knowledge is power.

Not a very knowledgable circle if they only use a stick to maim.

Unless they know how to wield it correctly.

Which, I assume, is akin to how one wields a guitar?

Heheheheh! I always wanted a keyboard for my DC to accompany PSO........then I realised I'd never be able to play it online. But hey, typing conversations to yourself is fun!

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