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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Today was interesting.

Firstly, we had a bit of a storm occur whilst we were in the shop. It was quite nice to see rain again, even if we had to be dull and work instead of going outside and jumping in puddles and dancing and having fun like our childish selves wanted to do.

Second, while at work Asti (the Saturday co-worker who's sarcastic and evil - the best type of friend to have) wanted to win an eBay auction. She bid in the last minute but was scuppered by someone bidding even more at the last second. She seemed quite upset until we looked into the auction in more detail and we found the person that had won the auction was... her. Well, to be more exact, her sister bidding for her. Ergo she'd managed to push the price she could have paid up on her own. I was amused, and she was mildly surprised, but they're happy, and if I hadn't told her to give the auction up she could have ended up paying even more, heh.

Last, a rather portly man came in complaining over a shop rule I'm not pleased about either. This means when he comes back in to complain to the shop owner (another Dean), this Dean will inform him his rental account is suspended. In a way, I want to be there when this happens yet I also am very glad I won't be near either of them. Both seem to thrive on their egos and their holier-than-thou attitudes, so I can't see this turning into more than one going to Trading Standards over this "illegal activity".

(This illegal activity is a sudden appearance of a £1 "insurance charge" that is paid yearly to prevent people paying for any accidental damages to DVDs, games or videos. Except, this has just been pushed onto the customer without mention, some customers never knowing of this rule until they've gone to rent. There's no writing up on the walls about this and I can see why some customers would be aggreived; assuming maybe the staff are trying to pocket extra cash for themselves.)

Finally, now I'm back home I think I'm going to go order something lavish. I like my Saturday indulgence (a deep pan 15 inch pizza; double salami double mushroom, no tomato puree [because I'm allergic to tomatoes] for £8 after tip is given).

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Yay, jumping in puddles is fun. Especially if you do it while a vehicle comes by. :D

Oh, come now. You need your nightshade for a healthy complexion.

Well, my healthy complexion may be marred by a vast amount of vomit projected from my mouth soon after eating the tomatoes.

Fiddlesticks. That would be a fashion statement in some parts of the world.

Sheboygan, for example.

Alas, in Conservative-rich Enfield, vomit-coloured hairdos would be looked at with disdain; let alone vomit-coloured attire.

Perhaps it's time for a change of lifestyle.

How are you with a guitar?

I can wield one excellently.

Playing? There's another kettle of fish.


How's the punk scene in or around Enfield?

Slowly growing, as a result of your counsel. All I need to do is find three other people who can vomit spontaneously and things'll be ready to go.

Make sure to stock up on tomatoes.

They are the berries of love.

If, by love, you mean an efficacious stage show.

I should never have told Asti my password ;) Ah well, no matter, she's paying for the item!

Oi bint; it's *our* account! Remember the other account we used to have? Well we shared that too! ;)

Dean, I'm sorry but I'm not gonna be able to come up to the shop tomorrow cos I'm going out for a drink, but lemme know what other days you're workin' and when, so I can pop in then! Plus, I wanna know what happened with that guy and boss Dean from yesterday. ;)

Well, next day after Monday that I work is Wednesday 6-10, so pester then?

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