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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Work, pt II.
More people upset with this charge, so I made up a little poster I could point to when people get aggressive about it. I managed to get into an interesting conversation with an insurance broker about this (at least I perceive it as this, and he told me it was) faux insurance charge, and he explained other potential ideas, because he's been there to advise other companies in the past. It was quite a refreshing conversation, and I can always pass ideas on.

I mean, the reason the shop has good custom is its friendly nature and its variety of films. Blockbusters has a monopoly in respect of movie rentals, so any shop that wants to do better than them has to do something special - treating the customer like an idiot isn't really a nice thing to do.

I also got bored and tried to calculate how many videocases we must have in the shop. I believe there's around 7,700 video cases in the shop from guestimations. That would be a fun domino rally, I say.

(One day when I'm bored I will actually offer the equation as to how I got to around that number).

It appears a group of people will all be in Edinburgh at the same time in mid-August. Maybe I should go atravelling for a bit. I've wanted to visit Celtic places: I still want to see Ireland as well as Scotland at some time. Except: it sounds like it'll be very busy up there and finding a place to stay would be very difficult.

Going nowhere fast is quite nice, in a way. Means you can take the view in far better than those in the rat race. After all, the winner of a rat race is still a rat, as a friend once said. Maybe whilst drunk.

Jusquun (01:38:27): I'm trying to add info that matters [into this LJ post], but I think the fact one of my armpits is sweating more than usual and the other one isn't at all, isn't of much interest.
dearly bebritted (01:38:48): lol!
Jusquun (01:43:41): Or should it be added, then?
dearly bebritted (01:44:48): yes...
dearly bebritted (01:44:51): it's kinda funny.

And henceforth I do what she says. I'm a good boy.

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